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Sex offenses, especially those involving younger children, taking place on or near schoolgrounds, turned out to be so few that they could well have been combined with the miscellaneous cases in the "other places" category. Understandably, they were most often against young girls, but the incidence was only 3 per cent and represents only eight cases. Schoolgrounds were a location in from 1 to 2 per cent of each of the three homosexual-offense groups, there being a total of six cases in the 490 such offenses on which pertinent data are available. School premises were also only a minor factor in cases of exhibition, occurring there 2 per cent of the time. Thus the relative unimportance of schools and schoolgrounds as a place of offense in the present data is clear. It is a fact that California law since 1947 has had very strict penalties for loitering near schools, and the threat of enforcement of its terms (one year to life) may have had a real deterring effect. This would apply at least in the California cases, which represent more than a half of the present sample.
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