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One important aspect of marriage is how well a couple knew one another beforehand, and one measure of this is how long they knew each other before marrying. If an individual were married more than once, we calculated only the briefest acquaintance. Questioning showed that the average (median) control-group male had by far the longest acquaintance with the girl he married, having known her for over 16 months prior to the ceremony. The briefest was that of the aggressors vs. minors: less than two months. In this range of two to 16 months, six months is about the midpoint. Below the midpoint one finds all but one of the offender groups vs. children, the peepers, the exhibitionists, and all the aggressors. The prison group is at the midpoint; above are all the offenders against females aged twelve and over. From this one gains the impression that impetuous marriage is, a bad omen, indicating inability to postpone the gratification of impulse, an inability foreshadowing pedophilia and aggression.
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