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As in the case of age-specific incidence, the control group heads the rank-orders of frequency (among single males) as measured by the median. Aside from this, little can be said since virtually all other groups have average frequencies of from 4 to 5 per year in every age-period—a tiny difference and useless for comparisons. Indeed, this uniformity is noteworthy. There is, however, an inexplicable rise in the median frequency for the unmarried males in age-period 31-35, followed by a decline to former or still lower levels.
Median frequencies of nocturnal orgasm among the married vary only from 3 to 5 per year among those who experience this involuntary activity. This narrow range and rarity coupled with small Ns makes further analysis useless.
The mean frequencies among single males experiencing nocturnal orgasm range ordinarily from roughly 8 to 25 orgasms per year.
We are left with one major finding: frequency of orgasm while sleeping is far greater among the single men of the control group than among any others. Discussion of the significance of this will be deferred until the section on proportion of total outlet.
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